France, the National Assembly rejected the immigration package.  But Macron rejects Minister Darmanin’s resignation

He rejected the immigration package presented by Emmanuel Macron. From Marine Le Pen’s National Rally to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s France Proud Party, via socialists, environmentalists and republicans, the French opposition voted united on Monday 11 December to reject the party’s immigration bill. Presidential majority led by Macron. a […]

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Immigration package rejected Emmanuel Macron. From Marine Le Pen’s National Rally to Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s France Proud Party, passing through socialists, environmentalists and republicans, the French opposition voted united on Monday 11 December in favor of Immigration bill rejected Presented by the Macronite presidential majority. An earthquake for the Paris government and, in particular, for the “hawk” of executive power, the Minister of the Interior and the main promoter of the law, Gerald Darmanin. After being summoned to the Elysee in the evening, the latter submitted his resignation to Macron, but he immediately rejected it. Then the Head of State asked the Prime Minister, Elizabeth BourneThe minister himself is in the balance to offer solutions to get out of the impasse. The French government intends to form an equal, mixed committee “as soon as possible” that includes representatives and senators to reach “a compromise between the majority and the opposition” on the immigration package.

“We protected the French from the temptation to emigrate,” he said, beaming. Marine Le Pen He speaks of a “very strong disavowal” of executive authority. In the afternoon,National Assembly Surprisingly – by a majority of 270 votes in favor and 265 against – a specific motion against the controversial “immigration law” was adopted, a vote that saw a rare union between the Republican left and right and the far-right National Front. When the vote was announced, the opposition cheered together, standing on both sides of the hall Bourbon Palace. A “yes” to the proposal put forward by environmentalists would require an immediate halt to the study of the legislative text, even before analyzing the basic articles. Satisfaction with the MPs’ vote was also expressed on X (former Twitter) by France’s leader Insoumez, Jean-Luc Mélenchonunder which one insinuates “end of the road”Especially for Darmanin, whose resignation is demanded by all the opposition.

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The motion denouncing the “unworthy” law immediately gained support on the left, but few this morning were betting on Republicans and Libertarians joining in. After countless shuttles between the Assembly and the Senate, the latest version of the immigration package has emerged Focus on the funnel part Facilitating, among other things, the expulsion of foreigners deemed dangerous. But outside the Alps, the climate became more heated after a high school teacher in Arras was killed in October by a Russian extremist, while a tourist with a dual German and Filipino passport was killed in another jihadist attack near the Alps. The Eiffel Tower in Paris on December 2, raising concerns and controversy again. According to a recent study, two-thirds of French people believe that non-European immigration represents a danger to the country. In order to ease the intensity of the security crackdown, CEO Macron promised at the same time to do so Facilitating procedures for regularizing the status of illegal immigrants They work in those professions that suffer from a shortage of manpower: a topic dear to the left and to a large part of the presidential camp.

But this time it seems that the “but also” policy did not convince even the most moderate part of the opposition, the socialists and above all the republicans, from whom Darmanin hoped to obtain the long-awaited external support. Meanwhile, Born announced that he would bring together the relevant key ministers and majority group leaders on Monday to find a way out. While many NGOs are screaming “shipwreck” and asking Macron to withdraw the bill once and for all.

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