Fabio Quartararo, the itinerary of a talented man


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Announced as a prodigy from an early age, Fabio Quartararo became the first French MotoGP World Champion. The pilot, for the second stage, returned to the stages of his extraordinary ascent.

Not all demons are in Hell. Since Sunday, October 25, we can say that Fabio Quartaro has touched heaven with his finger. World Champion At the age of 22, the rider made his name in MotoGP history becoming the first Frenchman to win the world title. The culmination of a special session.

Since he was 5 years old, Fabio Quartaro has been the image of a little prodigy. It is still necessary to go to the end of the dream. With a father who was a French MotoGP champion (125 cm3), the moto became apparent. Little Quartararo shows rare inclinations, but to progress, you have to start. The direction of Spain where the pilot made his debut in the championship. The nickname “El Diablo” will be derived from him. Between family albums, a jump rope session and a Formula 1 simulator, Fabio Quartaro delivers the key stages of his life, decidedly unparalleled.

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