Romain Thomas' big slogan on the referee

PSG beat the Anchors at the start of the 10th day of the league this Friday (2-1). In the long haul, the Parisians had a last-minute penalty thanks to a conversion by Kylian Mbappé. The previous mistake was an action wiped out by Mauro Icardi, which provoked Romain Thomas’ anger against the referees and the VAR.

There are weeks when everything happens again. During PSG’s win against the Angers (2-1) this Friday, Kylian Mbappé scored again and gave his team the win early in the tenth day of Ligue. Again, the 22-year-old striker’s goal is due to referee controversy.

But unlike the League of Nations finals, the Frenchman was not at the center of the controversy and the penalty was awarded to the Ile-de-France club in the final minutes of the match against SCO.

If Pierrick Capelle’s hand seemed too genuine and justified the sentence handed down to PSG, Romain Thomas Moro talked about a possible mistake at the start of Icardi’s action. Argentina later received a controversial sentence.

“What’s going on is incredible … 2-1 loss here, it’s not a shame. But it’s like that, it’s impossible, we smoked the 33 – year – old defender. It’s unusual to set aside. I’m passionate, dedicated, and focused on what I’re doing.

“He tells me it was verified by people on VAR. That’s not true!”

Roman Thomas is particularly critical of the central referee for not checking Moro Icardi’s potential mistakes on the screens. Defendant alleges that the federal arbitrator lied to him about the action. According to Angevin, the alleged involvement of the Argentine striker has not even been verified.

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“Before he comes to see the screen, I take the time to tell him. It’s not an act of punishment with the head and hands, it’s up front, he’s taking advantage of the situation. He’s with me. He tells me it was verified by people on VAR .This is not true! This is a lie. “

And senior Angevin concludes: “But it’s not important, now it’s over, Paris have three points.

PSG and Kylian Mbappé regained some confidence ahead of Tuesday evening’s Leipzig reception in the Champions League as the win was snatched away in the final minutes. With the loss to Paris, the Anchors temporarily missed out on a chance to finish second in the League 1 rankings and could be knocked off the podium over the weekend. Romain is what makes Thomas and his teammates even more angry.

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