Rare alignment from Sunday to Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday and Venus

This Sunday, it is good to raise your eyes to the sky before the sun rises. Whereas, for several weeks, Friday, Tuesday And Saturn Visible at night, the show will welcome a new guest.

As mentioned Our colleagues from ParisThis weekend, starting on Sunday, will mark a rare opportunity to be noticed Alignment of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. To observe this phenomenon visible to the naked eye, one must be in the northern hemisphere and turn towards the southeastern horizon and observe the sky at dawn. It is better to prefer a place far away from light pollution and with flat relief Thursday The sky is very low.

These planets are actually aligned only in Earth view. The show will last Until the end of the month And, apotheosis, The presence of the moon since April 23rd. According to Trust my scienceThis is the only three major planetary alignments since 2005.

The next meeting for astronomers will be very close, Since June. Once again at dawn, Mercury, Friday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturn Will be observable once again and will even join Uranus If conditions are optimal. But it is wide, so it is very difficult to find and photograph.

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