Stephen Curry a une nouvelle fois fait le show lors de l'échauffement des Warriors

Stephen Curry is having fun early in the season, and it shows in the results of his franchise. On Wednesday, he took advantage of an advantage in a sibling duel with Seth, even allowing himself a totally shameless warm-up streak.

Both Curry Brothers are going through a huge season, with Steven well into the MVP race and Sith pulls off brutal shooting stats with Sixers. This Wednesday, the two operators collided on the Warriors floor, and it was the eldest who clearly took the upper hand in this match, even if his younger brother wasn’t ashamed of his performance, on the contrary.

Steve Curry manipulates and puts 3 points on one foot

With 24 points on the clock, Seth Curry has once again been invaluable to Doc Rivers and his team, but right now Golden State, the blazing franchise, is extremely difficult to beat. With 25 points, 10 assists and 4 rebounds, the Chef was once again brilliant and decisive with a +/- of +29! In fact, this card could have been expected from training after a completely shameless sequence.

So for sorcery, we will clearly define, Stephen Curry He does not have the technical ease of a football player, either with his head or feet. However, in terms of shooting, it is of a very high standard… On the outside, with one foot and unbalanced, the warrior leader was able to return this shot with incredible purity in the gesture. Basketball is a game, and he understood it very well.

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However, what’s not considered a game, and which doesn’t make anyone laugh in the NBA, is the state of the Warriors’ form. They are already dominant, although they are not complete with the expected returns of James Wiseman and especially Klay Thompson. They are already the favorites to win the title, and this situation may grow even more in the coming weeks!

Stephen Curry can do whatever he wants with the ball, which must be very frustrating for opposing teams. if it was save With that confidence, he could clinch a new MVP title and move closer to Magic Johnson in the all-time leader hierarchy.


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