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Early Access for FFXIV Endwalker is about to begin, and the development team behind the MMO has warned that servers could be very choppy.

So you may have a hard time logging in and playing when Final Fantasy XIV maintenance ends today.

The FFXIV server downtime is scheduled to end at 9AM GMT and that should be the time when everything restarts.

However, Square Enix is ​​well aware that issues may occur during Endwalker’s early access period due to the growing interest in the game.

Pair that with returning players, and there may be issues logging into the world of your choice.

The FF team shared a message covering what could happen next and it includes this information:

“Since the launch of the new expansion when a large number of players are playing for extended periods of time, we are expecting much more simultaneous logins than usual.

“Furthermore, after the massive increase in player base across all regions since this summer, we are currently seeing record numbers of active users and therefore expect many logins not yet seen since the launch of FFXIV.

“In preparation for these expectations, we optimized our servers prior to the launch of the expansion in order to increase the login limits. On the other hand, due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage mentioned earlier, we were unable to add new realms prior to the release of Endwalker. Adding new realms will be considered when We purchase the necessary server hardware.

“As such, there is a high probability of congestion that will result in worlds reaching maximum logging capacity and long wait times at login. We would like to apologize for making this kind of announcement at a time when many of you are looking forward to as well as the inconveniences that may be caused by congestion.

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“While we were unable to add new worlds, we applied every other measure possible, such as replacing matching servers with high-performance machines, optimizing processes, increasing processing speeds, and increasing the number of concurrent logins. We will enhance our monitoring of the situation to allow as many as possible. of players logged in.

So if you are reading this article after 9am GMT and servers are having problems, it is because maintenance is extended or serious server congestion is causing problems across the board.

As confirmed by Square Enix, when the world reaches the maximum number of players that can login, it will trigger a login queue for that specific world.

The good news is that even if the queue doesn’t seem to be counting down, the queuing process still works and will allow players to be in the order in which they were queued.

Pay customers will have priority over those using the trial version and Square Enix has also confirmed that you can use a new feature to try to reach less crowded worlds.

To do this, you must follow these steps:

Open the character selection menu.

Select the character you want to sign in with, and open the subcommand.

Select “Visit another world server” to log in.


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