The Canadian city that touched +50 degrees Celsius was destroyed to the ground, the scenes of the end of the world [FOTO]

In late June, an unprecedented heat wave swept the northwest United States and western Canada, bringing temperatures soaring. on June 29 Leyton, the Canadian community in British Columbia, touched +49.6°C, which is the highest temperature ever recorded in Canadian history.

After a few hours, the same town of 250 people (but more than 1,000 people live in the surrounding Aboriginal reservations) would relentlessly devour the devastating flames. shooting. In British Columbia, hundreds of fires have broken out as a result of the intense heat wave. What remains of Lytton are just burnt ruins. Two people died and many were injured, only a few minutes left to leave the place before the flames that spread at a very high speed thanks to the infernal temperatures and strong winds ignited.

his fire 90% of the city was destroyed And the pictures in the sliding gallery above are really horrific: everywhere there are only burnt ruins, skeletons of cars, trees and black earth. Unless you’re a resident, it’s impossible to know what businesses were operating before the fires destroyed a row of buildings and turned into rows of buildings. Most of the houses were destroyed. Marks of weaker materials, such as wood, remain in piles of white ash on the floor. The only things that still make sense about a Lytton are those made of materials that can withstand the intensity of flame.

Some properties on the east side of Highway 1 have been salvaged, but have no electricity, water, or sewer services. In any case, any infrastructure that has not been dismantled, burned or damaged beyond repair is not safe to use. “Over the coming days, weeks, months and years, our hearts will continue to break as trauma and loss will repeat itself in our minds and souls. But we are Lytton, we are strong and we will rebuild our homes and businesses, and we will revive our friendships and our community, stronger and more resilient than ever”, Community Statement Reports.

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It is suspected that the fire was caused by human activity, but investigations are still ongoing. Investigators are investigating whether local rail traffic was to blame for the fire, which was exacerbated by extremely high temperatures.


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