Up to 10 thousand euros to reach Beijing

The saltiest destination

– In the first place among the most expensive destinations is


. According to estimates by Assoutenti, the cost of a one-way ticket to Beijing is 3,396 euros starting from Fiumicino and 2,409 euros from Malpensa. It’s actually the cheapest fare, the one that requires three stops and a total of 32 hours of travel. If you want to save time and opt for the fastest connection of around 20 hours, you should be prepared to spend up to €10,210.

Other destinations



(One way, one stop) Approximately €1,600 each from Fiumicino and Malpensa, which also have similar prices for


(about 1,200 euros round trip) E


(about 950 euros). to fly to


Alternatively, it is better to leave from Milan (685 euros versus 1341 euros), as well as arrive

New York

(1243 euros from Fiumicino, 915 euros from Malpensa). The situation is reversed for other destinations, as in the case of

Mexico City

: 1,184 euros from the capital, and 1,263 euros from Milan.

And in Europe? –

Costs are high for some of the most popular sites in


: For example, in the period August 19-22 return trip to


And the

Departure in the morning and return in the evening cost 395 euros from Milan. The figure rises to 520 euros if you travel from Rome



the reasons

– “With these tariffs, air transport is turning into a luxury for the wealthy – warns Assoutenti President Furio Truzzi. The increase in energy costs and the increase in

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fuel prices

It was completely passed on to end consumers by an extraordinary increase in tickets, which increased by 160% in July compared to 2021.”


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