Orban's party abandons hearing on Sweden's NATO membership – other news – Nova Europe

(ANSA) – Brussels, February 05 – Parliamentarians of Fidesz, the party of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, withdrew from the special session of the National Assembly that was convened at the request of the opposition to discuss Sweden’s accession to NATO. Local media reported this. “The leader of the Fidesz parliamentary group, Matej Kocsis, stated that the ratification of Sweden’s membership in NATO could take place at the beginning of the regular parliamentary session, subject to the meeting of the Hungarian and Swedish prime ministers in Budapest,” Zoltan Kovacs explained. Orban’s spokesman explained, via social media, that “the Swedish government’s commitment to joining NATO should lead to a visit to Hungary, similar to the approach adopted with Turkey. The ratification – he adds – depends on the importance that Sweden attaches to this membership and through its willingness To participate in live discussions in Budapest. Hungary remains the last NATO member state that has not ratified Sweden's membership in NATO, after the green light given by Turkey in recent weeks. (handle).

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