CF Nerkia seeks completion of Kuamas-El Oro and Tuxpan-Tula gas pipelines

When 44th Ordinary Session of the Board of Directors Miguel Reyes, CEO of the Federal Electricity Authority (CFE), CF Inergia, proposed strategic alliances to complete the 75-kilometer stretch of the Quimas-El Oro gas pipeline and completed a section Tuxbun – 100 km via Tula gas pipeline.

During the session, the director proposed to restructure natural gas contracts Construction companies Sembra-Inova and D.C. With Energy, to solve social problems and to have an integrated and complete transportation system to enhance the investment made by CFE.

This is a statement, CFE explained that Reyes Hernandez had stated that CFEnergía subsidiary was in its capacity as its executiveIn terms of natural gas transport capacity, he proposed to build projects for a marine terminal and liquefaction plant and trans-isthmus gas pipeline at Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, so that the gas supply in the southeast is CFE mills and Mexico’s guarantee for export purposes.

Rocio Nahle, chairman of the council, emphasized that existing agreements should be respected and reviewed in the best possible terms and for the benefit and strengthening of the CFE.

For his part, Miguel Lopez Lopez, deputy director of management and services at CFE, proposed a comprehensive plan to modernize hydropower plants, which would involve a billion-dollar investment.

The project involves the modernization of 14 plants that have lost credibility And the effective life of its equipment (turbine, generator and transformer), which will increase the annual generation by 1,860 gigawatt / hour and utilize existing civil infrastructure and historic investment.

Lopez said the additional gigawatts for modernization would be equivalent to 6 wind farms Or eight 100 MW photovoltaic parks. The 14 plants to be modernized will not open in the first quarter of 2024.

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Finally, on July 13 this year, during a meeting with President Lopez Obrador, he approved a photovoltaic project in Puerto Benasco, Sonora, the largest in Latin America and the eighth largest in the world.



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