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The Department of Justice searched the US president’s private home in Wilmington, Delaware, for 13 hours. Six other classified documents were found

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NEW YORK – Six more classified files have been found in one file Search From the FBI and the Department of Justice It takes about 13 hours This past Friday at Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. The new files are in addition to those in Biden’s private office, garage and home as of November 2
Which have been revealed by the media in recent days, with a total of thirty documents. The search was conducted with the cooperation of the President and his attorneys, who were the first to report the discovery of the primary documents in his private office and in Wilmington.

The media emphasize the difference between this case and the case of files seized from Donald Trump’s private home in Florida: The former president is under investigation for obstruction of justice and kept about three hundred documents, while those in Biden’s possession are now a total of thirty.. But at the same time, the image of the private residence of the current US President being searched by the FBI, and the fact that this is the fifth discovery of secret papers left in Biden’s possession is cause for great embarrassment before the court of ‘public opinion’.

Unbelievable, something unprecedented, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe told CNN.
Biden said last Thursday that he did not He does not regret how he managed it I dealt with the secret document news. But the White House, which was criticized for the lack of transparency of the papers found before the midterm elections and which was reported only two weeks ago, decided this time to make the announcement directly, avoiding media discovery in other ways. A search may be a way to stop the trickle of new files on a day-to-day basis, though no one can rule out that there will be other searches of the president’s private property.

Handwritten letters from Biden and unclassified documents were also taken, with the uncertainty that they could also be directed to the National Archives: Some of the papers date back to the Biden era as a senator, as well as from his time as vice president. Unlike their attorneys, Biden and his wife, Jill, were not present at the time of the search. We are shown that the special prosecutor appointed a week earlier to pursue the case, Robert Hoare, is proceeding swiftly with the investigation.

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