Türkiye and Erdogan warn Brussels: “We are thinking about moving away from the European Union”

It is possible that Türkiye will leave the European Union permanently. This is what the Turkish President said this morning Recep Tayyip Erdogan, heading to the United Nations General Assembly. Erdogan accused European Union To do everything to burn relations with Türkiye. The Turkish President said, “The European Union is trying to isolate Turkey, and this is clear. We will make our assessments and decide whether to take another path.” Erdogan’s words come after the publication of the European Parliament’s latest report on Turkey on Wednesday, which said that unless the Turkish government significantly changes course, the EU accession process cannot be resumed under the current circumstances.

Peace, grain and energy, these are all the topics of the meeting in Sochi between Putin and Erdogan

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The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs had previously responded with a harsh statement in which it defined the content of the report as “a collection of bias and bias based on misleading information created by anti-Turkish circles.” Ankara accuses the European Union of pursuing a “populist agenda” that harms relations with Turkey “at a time when dialogue continues.”


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