1. Stephen Dikes scored 2-0 for Borussia Dortmund against FC Cologne.

Stephen Dikes 2-0 for Borussia Dortmund on Saturday (October 30, 2021) 1. FC Cole.

Before the season started, Stephen was in DKS1. In FC Coln’s wishlist. On Saturday he scored his first Bundesliga goal for Borussia Dortmund against Stephen Palmcord’s team.

Dortmund. ER, Above All: In the Summer, 1. FC Köln wanted to capture striker Steffen Tigges (23) – now he leads Borussia Dortmund against the Billy Sheep to win!

On Saturday afternoon (October 30, 2021) after 58 minutes Dikes played the Joker. Six minutes later he was head over heels after a brand corner. 2-0 for Dortmund, end – and Dikes’ first Punteslica goal. Against the club he was interested in a few months ago …

Marco Rose: Stephen Palmcord Called About Stephen Dikes

BVB coach Marco Rose (45) laughed at the press conference after the game: “Baumi called me in the summer. He thinks that’s good too, and he wants to get it. Stephen Palmcord (49) replied: “You did not give it to me. “Instead, FC coach Anthony Modeste (33) went the route.

Dortmund, who led U23 last season with 22 goals and 15 assists and advanced to the third division, have not been let down by Dortmund – now he has joined the Bundesliga too!

“We are confident he is in the right place here. His development is not over yet,” Rose said excitedly: “He is a physically strong striker – who is the player?” Earling Holland is likely to replace Holland. Today he is as reasonably proud as Polly. He fulfilled the dream of the Bundesliga and has now scored his first goal. I hope we can make it even better at Dortmund. Then let us see where his path goes.

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Marco Rose applauds Steffen Tigges during the Bundesliga match between Borussia Dortmund and 1. FC Cologne.

On Saturday (October 30, 2021) Marco Rose and Stephen Dikes were delighted with their first Bundesliga goal.

When asked about FC’s interest, Jork Jacobs (51) also had to laugh: “If he continues like this he will play in Dortmund now.”

When Dikes was an alternative, Cologne’s interim sports director already suspected disaster: “I thought there would be a force now, which is sometimes hard to defend. Until then we were in control of Dortmund based on the game. Then Dikes’ speed in the corner unfortunately led to the win. He did it well, you have to say. “

Steffen Tigges: “To be a great striker, I have to be there”

The striker exploded proudly after the final whistle about his first goal: “In Tuesday’s trophy, I was already close to a goal. To score after a corner – as a great striker, I have to be there too. I will keep smiling for the next few days. I will try to defend it before it continues in the Champions League.

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Borussia Dortmund want revenge for the 0-4 Swat in the first leg against Ajax Amsterdam on Wednesday (November 3, 9pm). In the meantime, it is time to rebuild Cologne. Union FC will challenge again on Sunday (November 6, 5:30 pm) against Berlin – a good thing after this English week.


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