Formula 1 |  Mick Schumacher imprints the Barcelona circuit in his brain

Under more and more pressure from Gunther Steiner to open his counter, Mick Schumacher should set the record straight this weekend in Barcelona, ​​having come close to the top ten in Miami for a dumpling (a collision with Sebastian Vettel), but he missed it. Aston Martin F1).

Mick Schumacher will have the advantage of playing on familiar, all-too-familiar, ground at Barcelona this weekend (he finished the F2 podium at Barcelona two years ago). So, is it an advantage for a young driver to ride on a more familiar circuit than the average?

“If it gives us an advantage, I don’t think so, at least not more than the other teams and drivers – it will be the same for everyone in the end. We may have to learn the track less, but anyway we don’t need to learn the track because we’ve ridden it so much in the past that it’s been Somehow imprinted it on my mind.”

“The track conditions will be completely different, the temperature will probably be 20 degrees cooler than it was in our tests, so the way the tires work will change as well. I think the advantage may be minimal, not because we tested it there, but because we know the track so well.”

“In the past, the circuit has not always been very good for me, but things can change and I hope it will be for the better.”

Circuit de Barcelona is known for being both versatile and mixed, making it a prime destination for winter testing. So it’s a good chance to understand Haas better, by comparing the data from May to that from February. Useful comparison point for Mick Schumacher.

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“I don’t think we understand the car 100% yet – nobody in my opinion does – because we are still trying to figure out why the car behaves the way it does. We also have updates coming up that may make it difficult to understand the car as we continue to develop it. If the car stays the way it is. You might know it’s a little better after five races, just because it’s the same, but we’re constantly changing to try and make it faster.”

“The track has a lot of interesting characteristics in terms of tire degradation or the car’s behaviour, so I am looking forward to it and am very excited.”

With changes being made by some midfield teams this weekend, but not Haas, can Mick Schumacher expect to see the hierarchy in turmoil? At the expense of the US national team?

“I’m sure we’ve seen some changes already, the teams are still very close together and that’s what we want to see, and that’s what all this change is about in the end. I think we managed to get there and hopefully the gap isn’t bigger by the end of the season but smaller. I hope. Also the teams keep fighting each other a lot and the midfield catches up with the two best teams, Ferrari and Red Bull at the moment.In short, I hope the gap is narrowed and we can fight with them. [Ferrari et Red Bull]. »

“The speed we got at the end of the race in Imola definitely showed that we were close to them in a lap, but the race pace is very different when comparing the middle of the grid and the front teams. There are fun but exciting times ahead.”

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