The Vatican, the entrance gate by force, and the Swiss guards are forced to shoot the car: 40 years arrested

It didn’t stop at high guards Swiss, forcing the Porta Sant’Anna gate at high speed in his car. To stop him, the gendarmes had to put a bullet through the car’s tires. The guy still managed to get through Courtyard of San Damaso Where he was eventually arrested. He is about 40 years old, and he was in a state of psychophysical change. He is now in a cell in the barracks gendarmerie. It is the chronicle of an extraordinary tension coming from the Vatican City, where this evening, after eight o’clock in the evening, a car arrived at the entrance of the city. Saint Ann in the Vatican. Regardless of the indications that the body gives Swiss Guard Habaripreventing him from entering the country without the relevant permits, he temporarily left the entrance, and after maneuvering, he returned at a high speed, forcing the two checkpoints of the Swiss Guard and the Government Gendarmerie to leave the country. Vatican City.

In an attempt to stop the car, the gendarmerie inspector guarding the gate fired a shot pistol towards the front wheels of the vehicle. Despite hitting the vehicle on the left front fender, the vehicle continued on. After the alarm code was quickly broadcasted by radio, the gate closed Mint GatePeter’s Basilica, the Vatican Gardens and Piazza Santa Marta. Meanwhile, the passenger car has arrived at Courtyard of San Damasoand the driver disembarked independently and was blocked They were placed in detention by the gendarmerie. The man, about 40 years old, was immediately visited by doctors of the Directorate of Health and Hygiene of the Vatican State, who discovered a serious case of psychosomatic alteration. Currently – the Vatican press office reports – the person is in a prison cell in the new building of military barracks From the gendarmerie, available to the judiciary. As mentioned from AdnkronosThe detainee had stopped his medical treatments for a few days.

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