Employees receive 200 thousand pesos and a trip as a gift from their employer

Staff Will receive 200 thousand pesos and a trip as a gift Of his employer, during the expansion of the company.

Sarah Blakely, CEO and founder of SPANX, a company dedicated to making lingerie in the United States, surprised her employees with an incredible holiday gift.

Through Instagram, the entrepreneur shared an emotional moment that informed him workers Great news.

As expected none of the employees were able to suppress the tears at the gesture of their boss.

The employer paid each employee 200,000 pesos and air tickets

Sarah Blackley, founder of SPANX, surprised her staff incredibly Prize: 200 thousand pesos And a couple of first class air tickets.

This happened during a company event, due to which the expansion of the company was announced Best seller for 21 years.

“Everyone laughed at me, but I always believed in our mission,” Sarah Blakely told her. workers At the beginning of your speech.

Sarah Blakely, the boss who gifted her employees (arasarablakely / Instagram)

In gratitude for the dedication of each, the employer decided to give a special gift to his employees.

“To celebrate, we will be offering 2 first class airline tickets to all SPANX employees traveling anywhere in the world.”

Sarah Blackley

They looked at each other in disbelief, everyone workers They began to shed some tears of emotion.

However, when the employer added one more detail about the gift the situation got out of control: “10 thousand dollars (200 thousand pesos) to enjoy the trip.”

Sarah Blakely posted a video of this emotional moment on Instagram, where she was highly praised for gesturing with staff.

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“Recognizing how far we have come is a tearful emotional announcement of joy,” the woman said.

“I want every employee to celebrate this moment in their own way and create a memory that will last a lifetime!”

Sarah Blackley

With more than 1 million views in the publication, the employer has received recognition from hundreds of comments from Internet users.

“So where are the bosses yet?” He highlighted between the lines.


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