8:00 am news - Electricity: When and how much will we pay for the Linky Meter?

We are not done with the famous Linky Meter, this green box that reads your electricity consumption remotely and which one It equips more than 30 million families in France. Since its publication in 2015, it has raised many questions. In particular, it has been said that it can send out harmful waves, What was denied. We learned this Tuesday, June 1, that its installation cost is so much more than expected that Enedis may require consumers to pay the bill when authorities have always said it will be free.

That’s the little green box It costs 130 euros. To pay it off, Enedis made a loan that will start to pay off next year. But ten years ago with Energy Minister at the time, Eric Besson, Enidis confirmed this It will cost the consumer nothing And that this will be fully compensated for as no one will come to visit us to read the meter. Furthermore it, We also had to save money By seeing our consumption in real time.

In facts, Enedis productivity gains not found. In addition, it is the cost of the regulated tariff for electricity It jumped 55% in 10 years. The money-saving promise has not been kept, so we’ll definitely have to pay next year, with a higher tax on the network’s maintenance bill. Can represent An increase of 15 euros per year for 10 years, Because you also have to pay the loan interest.

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