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Germany vs Slovakia in live video

Germany vs Slovakia in live video

Now it should be successfully refilled:

In the duel with the Czech Republic, national coach Henk Gruner’s team started successfully with 31:21 in the tournament, which rivaled the selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) in Group E in Lliria near Valencia, Spain.

Sports 1 Accompanying Germany’s second appearance in the World Cup against Slovakia in the live broadcast.

+++ 12: 9 – 7-meter goal by Reka Bizikova (21st minute) +++

Before that, Antje Lauenroth sees two minutes.

+++ 12: 8 – Mickey Schmelzer goal (19th minute) +++

Everything went smoothly – the national coach is also satisfied.

+++ 11: 8 goal by Alina Gregsils (18th minute) +++

+++ 10:8 – Simona Szarkova goal (17th minute) +++

This is unnecessary: ‚Äč‚Äčonce again, a German goal conceded in spite of the game outnumbered them.

+++ 10: 7 – Vladimir Baghova goal (15th minute) +++

Then the doorbell rings again. But just seconds later, the scorer receives the next penalty kick in the two minutes.

+++ 10:6 – goal by Alina Gregsells (14th minute) +++

Defense is very neglected here and there too.

+++ 9:6 – Vladimir Baghova goal (14th minute) +++

Best Slovak so far curling again.

+++ 9:5 – goal by Alina Grijsel (14th minute) +++

Germany’s lead was restored by four goals.

+++ 8: 5 – goal by Luisa Schulz (12th minute) +++

This was important at this point in the game.

+++ 7:5 – Emily Polk goal (12th minute) +++

The team leader takes responsibility.

+++ 6: 5 – Vladimir Baghova goal (11th minute) +++

+++ 6: 4 – Tor durch Barbora Lancz (11th minute) +++

+++ 6:3 – goal by Angie Lonroth (10th minute) +++

This is the right answer right away.

+++ 5: 3 – Tor durch Barbora Lancz (10th minute) +++

However, Germany was conceded despite the majority. Overall, the DHB team seems to be more experienced here.

+++ 5: 2 – Vladimir Baghova goal (9th minute) +++

The second blow to the weak. However, Mariana Rybekova has now received a two-minute penalty.

+++ 5: 1 – goal by Xenia Smits (6th minute) +++

Now Germany is offering four strokes. No wonder Slovakia is taking its first break there.

+++ 4: 1 – goal by Angie Lonroth (6th minute) +++

The German offensive game is booming.

+++ 3: 1 – goal by Emily Berger (5th minute) +++

This time, the right wing of the German club Borussia Dortmund does not spoil.

+++ 2: 1 – Mickey Schmelzer goal (3rd minute) +++

+++ 1: 1 – Tor durch Barbora Lancz (2nd minute) +++

But the answer from the Slovaks was not long.

+++ 1-0 Miki Schmelzer goal (1st minute) +++

It starts immediately after a few moments. The German team seems focused and leading from the start.

+++ is about to start +++

Just a few minutes later, the German group swarmed around Captain Emily Polk.

DHB team before important matches

All matches in the preliminary round are of great importance to the DHB selection, as points are counted against countries that also qualify for the main round.


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