David Montreal and Julio Caesar Chavez launch Soriana Super and City Club

GUADALUPE.— Governor David Montreal Avila, With the mayor of Guadeloupe, Julio Caesar Chavez Patilla opened shops City Club And Soriana Super.

Montreal approved Chavez Patilla Its managers will invest and carry out the construction of this store to provide stability and security to the company

Of these, more than 580 million pesos were executed, and this would create 300 live jobs.

In this sense Chavez Patilla He was handcuffed by an important foundation such as the institutions that show the municipality of Soriana Guadeloupe.

“Jobs are very important in the moment we live in,” he stressed. David Montreal Then celebrate that the company is positive Zagatocas And investment in the state.

The company only enjoys social recognition Zagatocas, But in the country, I know they will continue that commitment in the state, ”he explained.

With this inauguration, the Soriana Cavillions and City Club begin operations. | Photo: Courtesy.

At the same time, he asked to work and help to alleviate food shortages, “the field is settled, it is diverse and will lead to better economic conditions.”

“We want economic growth to go hand in hand with the well-being of the Jagadegans. We strive to turn these stores into opportunities for manufacturers. Zagatocas “.

Similarly, the Governor approved Soriana, Because in a complex economic environment as a result of the epidemic, it was possible to invest.

With this inauguration, the activities begin Soriana Cavillions And City Club, It is the fourth largest employer in the country. As of today, it already has nine stores in the state of Zacchaeus.

They toured the store with executives from Soriana and City Clubs. | Photo: Courtesy.


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