Ukraine, in Severodonetsk, there is a danger of another Azovstal: 800 stuck in an nitrogen plant bombed by the Russians.  Even children

Severodonetsk She’s been under siege for days as well Mariupol for weeks. And just as it happened in the Ukrainian city of martyrs, also in one of the last pockets of resistance in Kyiv Luhansk Risks of re-creating one new emergency Such that Azovstal Steel Works. According to reports of CNN by the governor of Luhansk region, Serhi HeidiApproximately 800 peopleof between it Even childrenare currently trapped in the basement of a chemical plant in azot over under i heavy bombardment From the Russian army who are advancing into the city.

There are local people who were asked to leave the city, but they refused. Heidi who said yesterday said it’s possible they’re still there chemical stock Dangerous in structure. Today, local officials said, Russian forces fired on the nitrogen plant and “hit one of the administrative buildings and a methanol store.”

A very dangerous situation for the population who now risks being trapped under the fire of Moscow troops, just as it happened at the Azovstal Steel Plant, where the evacuation of civilians was possible only after long negotiations over Human corridors And at the end of your special weeks Lack of food and waterUnstable sanitary conditions and the impossibility of rescuing and treating the wounded.

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