Military strategy Kiev advances in the Donbass and then stops the counterattack

by Riccardo Ianello

Suddenly, sixteen months later, it is not the battlefield on Ukrainian soil that is making the news, but what is happening inside Russia with Kiev which, for the time being, is still on the window and wondering like the rest of the world about the choppy march. He flies. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a very strong statement (“Everything, even Satan, is better than Putin, even Frankenstein”). According to the Ukrainian authorities, Prigozhin’s coup was a “window of opportunity” for the occupied country. In the afternoon, good news also arrived from the front: while Wagner was advancing unhindered, the Ukrainian army managed to wrest several districts in Donbass from Moscow occupied in 2014. Kiev watched with a mixture of amazement, hope and a sense of revenge for the deterioration of the situation in Russia. “We are only at the beginning,” wrote Zelensky’s spokesman, Mykhailo Podolak, on Twitter, who said that “the split among the Russian elites is very clear. Accepting and pretending that everything will be sorted out will not work.” Aid to the President who inflicted the blow on Telegram: “He who sends columns of soldiers to destroy human lives in another country destroys himself and cannot prevent his troops from fleeing and betraying when life resists.”

Then, Prigozhin’s unexpected turn. And so in the end almost nothing will change in this area. The Ukrainian counteroffensive, which was supposed to accelerate given internal Russian difficulties, will continue according to the old plans. “Today the world saw that Russia’s leaders control nothing. Absolutely nothing. Total chaos. Total unpredictability,” President Zelensky wrote on Twitter. Zelensky added, “The world should not be afraid. We know what protects us. Our unity,” which states that “Ukraine will certainly be able to protect Europe from any Russian power, no matter who leads it.”

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