If you have a long and thin face, these are the haircuts that will make you feel beautiful!
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If you have a long face, you must try these hairstyles to flatter your features.

You have very long face And you don’t know how improve its shape? Don’t worry, you’ll know that there is Lots of hairstyles What can you do to go to Balance features and sizes.

The elongated face, in fact, is distinguished develop vertically More than horizontal, chin more visible than cheekbone area and foreheadUsually very high. Finally me The features are more refined.

there The first thing What you need to do then is try to go visually to view a file Shorter face and more proportionate, Balance the traits as much as possible of your face by focusing on a Exactly symmetrical effect It can smooth out features.

Let’s see what they are Best hairstyles for long faces How to style your hair: Here are our hair tips long, medium and short.

Haircuts for long faces

In general, if you have a very elongated face, there are no hairstyles for a long face that you should avoid, in fact, with some Little trick You can really vary a lot between cuts Short, medium and even long. Often, in fact, wearing hair is not recommended Very long that you have this face shape. The danger is The “flaws” stand out and stretch further Advantages. If you like long hair, I will do it for you Move the row laterally and select a Hairstyle At the ends and soft at the roots to rebalance the volume of the face.

If you prefer a Medium cutyou can try a long bob In the version with a margin or even without a margin. This haircut for long faces is characterized by reaching to the shoulders or a little higher and for one Smooth sizing At the bottom, which gives more volume to the lower part of the face. On the other hand, if you have pieces in mind short hairThen you definitely need to try a super short bob Shaggy and cheeky with a side tuft or fringe To go and visually shorten the face even more.

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Long face haircut
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Our hairstyle tips

with regard to Hairstyle from a haircut for a long faceExcessive ironing of your hair should definitely be avoided. if you have i Wavy or curly hairTake advantage of their natural volume, if your hair does, too Soft pastaThen you should give movement to the hair, trying to coordinate it, especially in bottom. Like, we said, though, if you still want to get a Very elegant look And you prefer to keep your hair straight, that’s all you need Change the parting of the hair slightly off centered.

If you don’t mind fussing with your hair, you can always play with some Sizing at the tips Which allows you to dry your hair in 5 minutes without the need for styling. To go to Draw attention away from a high foreheadIf you don’t like bangs, you can always Play with colorgoing to Lighten or darken A few strands of hair only in the lower part of the hair.


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