Richard Branson announced space travel before Bezos

Mexico City

Richard Branson Wants to reach the place Before billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Virgin Galactic, Branson Company, announced ThursdayYour next test flight is July 11th so what Its founder will be one of six on board. Space shipI will be the first person to leave New Mexico and carry the entire team of company employees. It will be the fourth aircraft in the Virgin Galactic space.

The news came just hours after Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, indicated that the Amazon founder would be taken into space on July 20, after waiting 60 years for it to land.

Bezos chose July 20 as the launch date from West Texas, the 52nd anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. I decided to fly just a month ago, the last leg of a space race between two moguls.

The first humans in Blue Origin will be introduced with his brother, the winner of the $ 28 million charity auction where the Amazon founder paid, and one of the last survivors of Mercury 13, Wall Funk. Guest of honor ‘. All 13 pilots passed the same tests as the Mercury 7 astronauts in the early 1960s, but were barred from being part of the Corps and space travel because they were women.

As of Wednesday, Branson declined to say when he would go into space due to restrictions imposed by his company, but insisted it was “appropriate and healthy” to fly once his engineers cleared it.

I have always been a dreamer. My mom taught me never to give up and reach for the stars. July 11 is the time to make that dream come true on the next Virgin Galactic, ” he tweeted.

The Virgin Galactic launches its space rocket from an airplane, reaching an altitude of about 88 kilometers (55 miles). Blue Origin launches its new Shepherd rocket from the ground and its capsule reaches a height of about 106 kilometers (66 miles). Both heights are considered the edge of the space. In comparison, Elon Musk’s SpaceX pushes both its human and cargo capsules into Earth’s orbit.

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Three private space companies plan to take customers into space. SpaceX will do so for the first time with a private jet in September.

The Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin aircraft last about 10 minutes with no weight loss, but the returns are quite different: the Virgin Galactic rocket runs on the runway, much like the old NASA spacecraft., Commanded with one or two pilots. Automatic blue-looking capsules go into the desert just as NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsules land. Their spacecraft are only 320 kilometers (200 miles) apart from each other.

The 82-year-old Funk will be the oldest person to go into space when it comes to the Blue Origin.

I love every second. Yes! Ha ha. Funk said in a video posted on Instagram.

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