Die Chili ist in Folge 1 von "The Masked Singer" Staffel 5 rausgeflogen. Wer steckte dahinter?

Departed last Saturday “Masked Singer” 2021 On Procyphene Come. In Chapter One From Season 5 Kicked Singer Under Ten New T-shirts On the big stage. Something hot Chili Unfortunately he could not be persuaded compared to the others and left the show. But who Is the chili behind?

Celebrity Ratio And on-site viewers tried to combine clues to find out which secret stars are in this season. Collected Notes And guesses about the starting lineup can be found in this article. You can find that too ResolutionWho first Expression Behind the mask.

Chili Out: What Jens Reva Says About the Release

Of ARD-Moderator He did not come out after wearing the mask Smile Outside exclaims, “Let the little pig out, it will work for a hundred years.” Jens Riva From the point of view of the show. In an interview with Annemarie Carpentel, she admitted that she had rehearsed two albums and annoyed her neighbor with her song. With his participation, a dream came true for him: “I moved the sky and the earth to attend this event. However, I was eventually asked, ”says Riva. He will be a part of the show, he has “Teksov” spokesman In fact, never tell anyone.

“Tageskov” spokeswoman Jens Reva was in the chili of “The Muscat Singer” 2021!
Photo: Prosipen / Willy Weber

Exposure: Jens Reva Chili!

George Gonzalez, Michael Mittermeier, Horst Leicher, Mirko Nonshu – Advisory Committee Disagrees on Who They Are Red Chili Style Plugged.

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Did someone from the jury guess correctly or were they all wrong? Chili took off her pants and she Expression Showed: Chili “Teksov” spokesman Jens Riva!

“I’ve been in my life,” the ARD presenter shone after its opening and praised the design for its entertaining value. “I love you!”. According to him, his participation in the show “true respect”.

Web light

Web light
Who is behind the chili mask?

Who was expelled from “Mask Singer”?

After the first vote, the total Four clothes Van “Masked Singer” Trembling. The audience voted again. Chili, Teddy Bear, Hammer Shark and Skunk were available.

Who got the lowest number of votes in Episode 1 and was expelled? The answer is: Chili is out!

“Mask Singer” 2021: These costumes are more

As usual, the audience votes for their favorites. Came from groups of five each Three candidates straight In the next show. Three of the Jitter candidates advanced.

In Chapter 2:

  • Mops
  • Coriander Mueller
  • Oxolotl
  • Caterpillar
  • The heroine
  • Phoenix
  • Teddy
  • Hopping
  • Hammerhoy

“Masked Singer” 2021: In Songs 1

Ten candidates dare to enter the big ProSieben platform. Secret stars entered the starting lineup Five groups At each one performed a song.

The songs in Chapter 1 are:

  • Mulley Mர்ller: Medley “Hot in Here”
  • Axolotl: “Oh I did it again”
  • Mobs: “Break My Heart”
  • Chili: “Feel the heat of the night”
  • Teddy: “Love Me”
  • Raouf: “Roll on the River”
  • Phoenix: “Firestarter”
  • Hammerhoy: “Sledgehammer”
  • The stench blows: “I like soap”
  • Heldin: “Smells like a teen spirit”
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“Mask Singer” 2021: Traces, Tips, Assumptions

In the first chapter they gave Clue-Some clips directly Notes On the signs of the secret stars. Who sings at Teddy? Who will play the heroine? Which is the most popular in Axolot? Speculations and more can be found here:

Notes, Notes and Assumptions according to Chapter 1

“Masked Singer” 2021: Kanditaden Morning 16.10.2021

Were on the first live show Ten candidates Included. Here’s a look at some of the costumes that appeared on the Procyben stage on October 16, 2021:

  • Coriander Mueller
  • Oxolotl
  • Mops
  • Chili
  • Teddy
  • Caterpillar
  • Phoenix
  • Hammerhoy
  • Hopping
  • The heroine

“Masked Singer” 2021: Alvaro Solar Interstate Jury

In Series 1 Got it Ratio As usual, the main support: took place on October 16, 2021 for the first time Alvaro Solar Sit in the chair next to Ruth Moshner and Rhea Carvey. “I’m looking forward to being a part of ‘The Mask Singer’ for the first time on the advisory board with Ruth and Rhea. Very difficult, ”the singer said in advance.

“Masked Singer” 2021: Season 5 Revelations

Was only so far An expression In Season 5.

Additional information about “Mask Singer” Season 5


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