He was driving normally, when he cut him off: unbelievable but true

Driving, more often than we can imagine, conceals pitfalls that are less ordinary than usual, but no less dangerous: as in this case where the risk is paradoxical but incredibly high.

What are we talking about? In fact, it is the case that, while some citizens ed motorists It may seem unusual by definition, to others, in certain contexts, it is less Rare and rare than one might believe.

Every day, millions of motorists take to the roads knowing it’s their way safety Not only depends on oneself but also on behavior from others Threads Found there: starting with other cars, of course.

Obviously, not only: motorcycles and others vehicles, or the same pedestrians. Any item on the road can pose a danger to the driver and others, especially if it is a ‘overlap’, Let’s say, he arrived suddenly, unexpected.

Sometimes someone, or something, can alienate us, for example, and however incredible it may seem, we can find ourselves in incredible danger that we would not have had. included in the budget. concrete example? there he is.

He walks down the street and an unexpected encounter occurs

Among the most common is what happened, in particular, in England, where something happened to a citizen Incredibly amazing. What? He was driving when something happened to him cut off.


from? What? They weren’t chariots or cyclists or anything else: but they were real herd of animals But which? She was beautiful, graceful and athletic my dear. Elegant in their gait, they move in groups and they have Block the way.

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However, the citizen did not lose heart: he clearly did I stopped, He also had a willingness to appeal with a film The landscape is unique in its beauty. The video that ended up on the net became diffuse in different social.

Driving in the countryside and mountains: animals and landscapes, pay attention

Deer herd, among others, in campaigns – Not only English, of course – it’s not even rare. They are beautiful and cute animals, they move in groups and they are Very fast. It even exceeds seventy kilometers per hour.


The funny thing is, if there was a speed camera and it was an urban road, deer could have been fined for speeding, considering Limit to 50.

Joking aside, especially in the countryside and mountains, pay attention to the speed by car: you can always run into some animals, therefore, it is better to go slow and He watches with attention the view.


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