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(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, April 6 – Barack Obama went to the rescue of former Vice President Joe Biden after video footage of their first meeting yesterday at the White House showed dignitaries and lawmakers long ignore the president, who is wandering. Frustrated and confused in the East Room raises his hands in frustration as everyone rushes to speak to his former boss. In a second video, we see the increasingly embarrassed commander in chief as he approaches the crowd around Obama who continues to shake hands, but not even the former president listens even though Biden puts his hand on his shoulder.

“Always good to be with the President,” Obama wrote on Twitter, thanking him for extending Obamacare to the White House meeting, where he returned for the first time in five years.

But Republicans did not miss the opportunity to hit Biden by posting and commenting on the photos.

“Literally nobody wants to talk to Joe Biden,” tweeted RNC Research, which is run by the Grand Old party. “None of his 80 million constituents want to talk to him,” said John Dennis, the Republican nominee to the House of Representatives. “The irony is that it’s like SNL Sketch (the popular Saturday Night comedy show on NBC) where all of the world’s leaders dodge Trump, but it’s happening to Biden by his people in real life,” thriller writer Matthew Petley added on Twitter. (handle).

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