Clarice Agpegno explains that being an Olympic flag bearer

How do you feel now that you are carrying the flag of the French delegation?
I slept well last night (Sunday) Because I was tired. We are preparing for the Olympics. I woke up in the place of an honorable and proud person. We have a lot of coins in the France team, and I know the choice was tough.

Why do you think they chose you?
They will say it better than me. Probably all those years of work. There may also be a record of my accomplishments, my character, and my vitality. I would like to ask them.

“I was called by the head of CNOSF, Brigitte Henrik, who made me cry…”

This is another commitment for you…
I’m a committed person, things are close to my heart, I like to talk about them, it’s an important thing. So many people look at us, and introduce themselves, it’s a role that is close to my heart. For me, it is more than that, and it will give me more energy to win the Olympic gold.


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