A surprise at the bottom of the sea: a diver retrieves a wedding ring around the carcass of a fish

Unfortunately, it is not new to have a lot of plastic and litter in the ocean. But this story is unbelievable: a woman found a wedding ring around a fish and returned it to its owner. A submarine named Susan Pryor found the ring on its diving trip near Norfolk Island, in the Pacific Ocean, eastern Australia. She noticed something golden and shiny around a fish’s body, then came close to free the animal from the “trap” it had accidentally fallen into and took the ring away.

She once remembered that she had read that someone had lost a wedding ring in the area, and so through social networks the woman managed to find the owner, who no longer hoped to restore and return it to him. “I remember reading an ad on social networks of a man who had lost a ring in this bay, so I activated to track him. Ultimately my suspicions were confirmed. The piece also had some value because it cost £ 1,000.

This isn’t the first time Susan has found objects stuck in fish bodies. They usually get stuck in the plastic while searching for food at the bottom. And on the sea floor, golf balls are often found, which in addition to being harmful to animals are harmful to the environment.

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