Gasoline, from today if you do this you can stop paying for it

If you do this work and get this card, from today you can get gasoline absolutely free, without paying a single cent. But will it be legal? Let's find out together.

Do Refueling Buying your car, whether it is diesel, gasoline or gas, has become a very expensive moment. High prices do not help anyone. To fill now, you have to pound a lot of moneyThat's why many people ditch the car and return to public transportation, electric scooter, bike or moped to get around.

It's not easy to do Maintains A car nowadays, where not only fuel costs are increasing, but also insurance costs, road taxes and mechanics is no joke. Suppose that at this stage there are many who are trying to save or find alternative ways to avoid affecting the family budget.

That's why this employee He found a solution to not pay a dime on gasoline. Thanks to his work and that card, his car's tank was guaranteed to be full. But will the method be legal?

If you do this you stop paying for gas

Regardless of the isolated case that we will tell you about soon, they exist Various rewards and privileges Designated for the unemployed or those with limited income, so that they can maintain the car. Also, let's face it, you need your own car to work, especially in areas not served by public transportation.

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To avoid high fuel prices, many choose hybrid or LPG-powered cars, as refueling costs are much lower than those of diesel or gasoline. Among other things, before returning to the initial discussion, we wanted to remind you of this December 31 The amount is expected to be disbursed Gasoline bonus of 200 euros Issued by the Italian state, for all those with an ISEE of less than 35 thousand euros.

Municipal Card Status – Source: Depositphotos –

He was acquitted in Varese

Getting back to us, as you may have guessed, the title of the article was intended to be sarcasticThis story divided public opinion. The recently concluded case took place in Varese, where a municipal employee who was responsible for road maintenance was caught refueling her car with… Municipal card.

For a whole series of reasons made clear directly by the judge's ruling, the defendant was He was acquitted. Anyway, regardless of this specific case, speaking one way or another Very general Without any reference to facts and/or people, it is always better not to risk your career to commit such acts. What do you think that?


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