LREM deputy claims he was a victim of identity theft

Presidential majority member, Sylvain Mayer, saw his name mentioned in “Pandora’s Papers”, this vast scandal of tax evasion and gentrification. In its version of today’s newspaper, Wednesday, October 5 the scientist reveal it The elected Paris representative was the 25% partner of a shell company in Seychelles For online sale beyblade jerseys imported from Asia, popular in stadiums a few years ago.

Sylvain Millard’s partner, the only person found at the time, was convicted of forgery and commercial damages in 2014. This same partner confirms Globalism To have used the representative’s passport, of which he has a copy, to establish the company, without seeking his consent.

I was abused and a victim of identity theft in 2010,” Sylvain Millard insists in a press release, adding: “It is painful and shocking to question my integrity in this way.”

Checks in progress

Bercy has launched verifications about Presence or absence of French tax assessors among the suspended persons In “Pandora’s Papers,” Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said Tuesday.

Pandora Papers, which is based on about 11.9 million documents from 14 financial services companies, revealed more than 29,000 overseas companies.

The obfuscation surrounding these companies located in countries or territories with very beneficial taxation can be used for Hide financial assets and evade tax administration. according to the scientist, 600 French appeared in the “Pandora’s Papers” poll.

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