Actualmente, Walmart de México cuenta con dos unidades que funcionan con este modelo en el país. Foto: (Shutterstock)

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Participation of e-commerce in the sector supermarkets It increased with the confinement, and with it, the actors of the sector began to accelerate their projects within the canal. According to an analysis by the consulting firm Kearney, The dark storesSmall stores that specifically cater to digital commerce can help triple the effectiveness of supermarket chains.

According to the consultancy, this is thanks to the fact that dark stores are open 365 days a year and allow for a greater selection and availability of products, as well as expanding the ability to prepare, deliver and collect orders in areas with a high density of purchase orders. Or with traffic restrictions will affect the success of companies.

employment MexicoThis kind of ‘shop’ is already operating in cities like Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Currently, Walmart de México has two units operating with this model in the country.

“The dark stores It is positioned as an alternative to increasing digital purchases and new consumer habits of users. If we remember, only in 2020 e-commerce grew by 81 percent in Mexico, so challenges such as last mile delivery, trial times and optimization lie dormant; today is dark stores is one of the answers,” said Oscar Victorin, CEO and Co-Founder SkydropxLogistics management platform.

According to the analysis of “Effective Dark Store Networks: The Future of Retail After the Epidemic”, by sram dataWorldwide, hidden stores have enabled deliveries to be made 1.25 times faster, reduce cost-per-delivery and operating costs by up to 35 percent, increase operational efficiency by up to 40 percent, and improve consumer satisfaction rates.

“Without a doubt, we are facing an exciting future in terms of the transformation of e-commerce logistics, where there are disruptions such as dark stores He noted that it helps satisfy the new digital trends of consumers, bring digital stores closer to buyers and improve the experience in the process, where technology and platforms also play a major role.” victorian.


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