Microsoft receives 6,500 complaints per month, due to

In the case of Mexico, the report includes that 65% of Mexican adults experienced a tech support scam, 9 points lower than in 2018, but it also notes that only 23% continued to engage with the scam.

On the other hand, cybersecurity firm Check Point indicated that in the April-June 2021 quarter, Microsoft was the company most used by cybercriminals to carry out phishing scams.

“Of the total number of brand phishing attempts, 45% were associated with Microsoft in the second quarter. Shipping company DHL maintained its position as the second most spoofed brand, with 26% of all related phishing attempts, as cybercriminals continue to benefit from the credential growing on online shopping,” the report notes. phishing brand DeCheck Point.

According to Beckmann, the frauds that were investigated had an economic impact but also had a significant impact on national companies.

“Of those who persisted, 91% lost trust in the partner company, 68% experienced moderate or severe stress, and of those who persisted in a computer-related scam, 83% spent time checking and repairing their computers.”

Once dealing with potential victims, scammers also steal personal and financial information. Those who were victims paid an average of at least $200, and many victims encountered repeated scam interactions.

A few unfortunate victims even lost thousands of dollars faking tech support to fix non-existent computer problems, and in other cases malware installed on their “clients” computers, allowing them to maintain access to the computers even after those victims had authenticated the access sessions Their remote is over.


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