Russia, the oligarch on the phone against Putin: “He has ruined the country and the entire population by invading Ukraine”

After the release of the audio, the Russian music producer Joseph Prigozhin He denied it was her voice, claiming it was her voice Recreated and replace it with artificial intelligence program. But according to the opposition website Asturi won mewhich mentions “source” inside security serviceThe phone call between the producer and the Azerbaijani billionaire Farhad Ahmadov It’s authentic. During the conversation, which allegedly took place two months ago, the two lashed out Russian President Vladimir Putin to run it in Ukraine. “put it in burial RussiaHe fucked everyone and everything, everyone village, All residents,” the two say Novaya Gazeta Europe And the Ukrainian media. Then they assess the Russian leadership, and share a vision of the bleak prospects for RussiaThey seem afraid of Penalties And show extreme dissatisfaction with what is happening in connection with aggression onUkraine Projecting what they think is the mood among the Russian elite.

Says the interlocutor who appears to be Joseph Prigozhin. “They blame Sergey Shoigu For everyone. They call him a piece of m….a, obviously behind his back,” he says. The man who appears to be an oligarch Ahmadov recommend Prigozhin “to sell everything,” and complains that his card is blocked, while his boat is “rotten,” they write that I am a dear friend put it in! fan….or. I saw the last time put it in It was in 2008.” Joseph Prigozhin He denied that he was one of the two speaking in the recording and said, “When I listened to the audio, I also thought it was me, today’s technologies and networks can be used to fake not only a voice but a conversation,” he said. The audio was leaked a few weeks ago, but has now reached the media.

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For his part, Prigozhin, in an interview with the site Fontankasays he does not remember the quoted conversation but is convinced the leaked audio is “a mixture of sentences spoken” differently talks and other “established” artificially. The manufacturer claims it’s something “intentionally made to create a is divided Among the people on the horizon.” “I support our country president, “I personally respect that,” he adds. Prigozhinwhich he says also supports the process Ukraine Why put it in “He had no other choice.” What’s going on in UkraineThe producer continues, “Obviously, the United States provoked him,” e Volodymyr Zelensky “It is being used as a tool to fight Putin and Russia.” I asked to comment on conversationThe head of the militia WagnerAnd Yevgeny Prigozhin (which has nothing to do with the product), he said “has every right” Joseph Prigozhin Saying whatever he wants on the phone, “but the fact that he started apologizing” shows that he’s “a complete idiot”.


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