Financial reporting cards, data taxes will no longer be requested from 2 million VAT numbers

No more votes from the IRS. The reform expected on Thursday, March 16th in the Council of Ministers requires a gradual farewell to tax report cards. Therefore, a moratorium on about two million VAT numbers looms, which is still subject to the obligation to fill out the ISA form and is obliged to return the vote testifying to the reliability in the “eyes” of the financial department. The path started by the mandate is part of a broader trend to fully exploit the multitude of data already available in tax authorities’ databases: from electronic invoice to periodic VAT payment data.

gradual overcoming

The authorization bill puts pen to paper that the overcoming of ISAs (Summary Indicators of Financial Reliability), which have replaced sector studies since the 2018 tax year, will be “gradual.” The perspective set by the government for the new tax authorities is to rationalize the reporting obligations, thus also achieving compliance by reducing the obligations.

The audience is already down

After all, in the tax years 2020 and 2021 there has already been a decrease in the number of subjects who are required to complete tax reports and adjust to a certain level of amounts that will be declared to ensure a high score. The Covid emergency led to the extension of exemptions to the categories and operators most affected by the impact of the economic crisis.

The preventive agreement

The progressive overshoot of tax report cards should then be read in the broader perspective implied by the mandate to rewrite the rules of the assessment process. In fact, a two-year arrangement with creditors will be envisioned for smaller economic activities. In practice, on the basis of the information available in the databases with electronic invoices or electronic receipts, the agency formulates a proposal to the taxpayer who, if he accepts what has been agreed upon, will be able to pay the specified amount for the following two years for direct tax purposes without the risk of subsequent checks.


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