To Paris Saint-Germain at breathtaking speed: Football god Lionel Messi transforms the cloud

Even on the plane, Lionel Messi is relaxed, relaxed, and he laughs with his wife. Tears have long evaporated since Sunday at a press conference to say goodbye to FC Barcelona. Messi can be seen cheerful on Tuesday in a video of French leading club Paris Saint-Germain’s channel “PSG TV”.

On a flight to Paris, to his new club, after 21 years with FC Barcelona. The airy video with the best footballer in the world marks a historic moment. A god changes the cloud.

Barcelona mourns, Paris is a crazy favorite. Hundreds of fans roamed in front of the PSG “Park des Princess” stadium on Tuesday, with Messi appearing in the window for a while. On Wednesday, thousands of people gathered in front of the stadium, ahead of a press conference with the Argentine megastar. The crowd shouted “Messi! Messi! Missy! The atmosphere of the press room, like the cinema of the stadium, is relatively elegant. Eleven o’clock later, the club boss Nasser al-Khalifi and he – the Messiah appeared.

The Qatari millionaire says, “This is a wonderful moment for us” and “Leo makes football magical”. Many good things follow, but he also puts pressure on Messi. “We have lofty ambitions,” Kelifi insists. He firmly believes that Messi will bring “many trophies”. Messi smiled, “I’m so happy”, the Parisians were “great”. But he says, “It’s not always best to win.” After all, the Champions League. PSG is still the second choice.

At a breathtaking pace for PSG

Despite the tremendous investments, the club did not even get a handle pot from Qatar. Even in France, it was only enough for second place last season, in League 1. Despite the existing superstars, Neymar in particular was once bought by Barசாa for 222 million euros, and Kylian Mbabane transferred PSG 180 million to AS Monaco.

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At the start of the season, PSG attracted heroes other than Messi, including Italian EM goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma (free transfer from AC Milan) and brutal defender Sergio Ramos (from Real Madrid, without transfer). At 35, Ramos is even a year older than Messi. PSG is finally destroying celebrities everywhere to shine in Europe.

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Messi has won the Champions League four times in Parsi. And it got a bargain for PSG. Argentina came in free exchange, his salary much lower than Bar பார்a. There he received more than 70 million euros a year and was rumored to be worth around 100 million. There may be about 40 million people in Paris. PSG boss Kelifi played a saver on Wednesday. “We follow the rules of the finance fair game,” he says without laughing. The press conference was not about 222 million for Neymar. The term fair play is not an issue in this Jor de Gloria.

Many Parsa fans look different. On Sunday, Messi said in a bitter voice that he did not know where he was going. He received “many calls”. Two days later he signed a contract with Calif. At PSG. He smiled and stuck out his tongue. You can see it all in the video on the PSG TV starting with the flight from Barcelona to Paris. Messi landed at PSG at breathtaking speed.

Is Parsa connected?

This is one of the fastest transfers of a superstar in football history. Barசாa had previously held talks with Messi’s father for several weeks. Was everything clear with the PSG?

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The club is excited to see if Barசாa are linked. PSG TV shows a bizarre Instagram photo of Messi’s summer vacation in Ibiza just before the press conference on Wednesday. Argentina is very close to Neymar and three PSG stars. A happy round. Parsa fans have been debating for days whether this photo will be a sign of a long-term deal between Messi and PSG. On the contrary, PSG TV disagrees. Before the press conference, the photo will appear on the screen. But one detail is different. Messi and friends will wear a blue PSG jersey.
However, Nasser al-Khalifi is finally enjoying the success of being able to show six-time world footballer Messi as a Parisian. “Now everyone wants to see PSG,” exclaims the club boss, “which adds value to our club”. Qatar’s paths are also growing. Calafi raises his voice, “We do the same for France and League 1”. Messi says, “I’m ready.”


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