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Stop Russian gas at Poland And Bulgaria who refused to pay for supplies in rubles. Is Italy in danger of being the next country to cut off its gas? “We must ask the Draghi government and who supports it, so that Conte, Speranza, Salvini, Letta and Berlusconi thunder” Rafael Raduzzi Deputy Alternativa and member of the Chamber’s Budget Committee, in an interview with the site affaritaliani.it. “They are the ones who have the fate of Italy in their hands. It will be interesting to see if the Italian government Not already paying for Russian gas in rubles Or, as some international news agencies reported, they are preparing to do so,” Raduzzi suspected.

“If they refuse to pay for gas according to the system established by the Kremlin, we risk facing an economic catastrophe,” warns Alternativa deputy, “with thousands of companies forced to shut down and millions of workers laid off.”

If Russia decides to stop supplying gas to Italy or Germany, “it will be necessary to find alternative supplies.” “Fortunately, we have very high storage levels in both Italy and Germany, and we are all working on new LNG supply, LNG and gas-to-gas regasification. There are alternatives,” said the European Commissioner for the Economy. Paolo Gentiloni, In an interview with Flemish public television Vrt.

“And we must know that making decisions of this kind for Russia is not easy because that is what it is.” Then it feeds the Russian economy. If Russia is going to take them, I think we are ready for alternatives, it will certainly come at a cost and that is why we have not been in a rush yet to have a gas embargo. And it is a topic that we are considering specifically because we want to avoid actions that have consequences, certainly for Russia, but are also very heavy for us,” he added.

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