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62-year-old French captain survived For 16 hours in the Atlantic Ocean thanks to the air bubble that formed inside his boat after it capsized.

The man, Laurent Camproby, left the Portuguese capital Lisbon on Sunday and activated a distress signal on Monday evening, when his boat capsized about 15 nautical miles (27.8 km) from the Cesargas Islands, off the coast of Galicia, in the north. Western Spain. Spanish rescue teams quickly located the boat and made sure the captain was alive (Camproby made himself noticed by divers by hitting the shots from the inside). Because the sea was too large for rescue operations to proceed, operators used large balloons floating on the boat to prevent it from sinking, delaying the intervention to the next day.

Rescue operations were completed on Tuesday. The captain, who was wearing a neoprene survival suit, was taken to the hospital for medical examinations. His boat was later refloated.

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