The video is not for the faint of stomach

Last month, a TV station released a video that captured a large predator tearing apart equally large prey.

Burmese python (Image via Canva) –

the video that are shared every day social networks It’s connected web They are countless. Many see these as heroes the animalswhich some have become web star Because of their behaviors that make users smile every day.

Thus, it is a real phenomenon that animal videos are always a hit. However, sometimes, not all of them contain funny scenes. This is the case with the movie that we are going to tell you about today that immortalizes one of the most feared predators on the planet, crocodile shredding a The big snake.

Florida, video of a crocodile devouring a large snake: over 500,000 views

One month after its publication has already passed Half a million of opinions The video posted on your channel Youtube from NBC6 South Floridaa well-known American television broadcaster based in You used to love mefl.

Example of an alligator (Image via Canva) –

But what depicts the video we are talking about that has attracted so much attention from users? It’s a scene for a few seconds, but it’s very bloody :A Big American crocodile Inside a pool of water devoured after killing a Serpent a few metres. The reptile always remains inside the small bog, but to facilitate swallowing it throws the prey out of the water: at this moment one realizes that it is Burmese python a few metres.

Pictures were taken inside Everglades National ParkFlorida Wetland Preserve 600 thousand hectares.

Crocodile fighting python: not the first case

Burmese python (Image via Canva) –

The footage left the users speechless, but it is a very natural scene in nature. In fact, the American alligator is one of the most feared predators in the world, also due to its size, which can exceed 6 metres Based on 500 kilograms of weightAmong its prey are snakes, including me snakesbehind turtleAnd FishAnd Small mammals And the birds. Within the Everglades National Park, there are estimated to be approx 200 thousand crocodileswhile exceeding the population of the entire state of Florida A million and a half. As some videos show, it’s not hard to see outside either from their home.

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different case, however, strait snake that can reach 7 metres: The Burmese python is, in fact, native to Southeast Asia, but has been imported to the United States. There are many specimens that inhabit the Everglades National Park and they are often recorded you fight between two giant predators. Precisely because of its strength and size, it was the snake in some cases that was able to outsmart its rival, managing to kill and eat it.

Violent images, content not suitable for a sensitive audience


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