Hugo Manos:

Hugo Manos was moving freely on his Instagram account on June 10. Companion Laurent Roquier raised a theory that surprised him very much.

Hugo Manos is a character from the small screen who has been at the front of the stage for several months, especially since he does not hesitate to mention his relationship with Laurent Roquier. The young man also stood out Thanks to his physique that does not go unnoticed. On his Instagram account, he links the posts in which we can see him shirtless, to the delight of his subscribers. In his Instagram story on June 10, Hugo Manos made a remark he wanted to mention. “All of my least dressed photos are in 80% of the cases Instagram shows“, He first commented by sharing a screenshot from one of his recent posts which has been liked by over 28,000 people. Having inspired him, he explained: “Bottom line (which we already knew a little bit about), Insta wants us naked here! (and this is not without reason)He wrote before he claimed to be.Because we are all hot assIt’s a bold theory but it seems true since the guy’s posts we can see His body is always more commented and admired than othersWhere only his face appears.

Hugo Manos is having an affair with Laurent Ruquier and does not hesitate to talk about it publicly. Their relationship was confirmed on February 12, after several months of rumours. Captured by this 33-year-old, he is a columnist for TPMP People on C8. “Mathieu, you have to look at the magazines. Everywhere he wrote: “Laurent Ruquier and his companion Hugo Manos.” So it’s not really exclusive. We’ve been together for four years, a statement. Later, it was Laurent Roquier who, when he mentioned the confinement in March 2020, indicated that he had spent it on his company but that it was also good for the couple. “It was a good test to prove that we were meant to be together. In addition, we were somewhat of the same opinion about the absurdity of the situation. Imprisonment affected him more than me because he owns a gym.”, captured. So happy, they both don’t hesitate to fend for themselves on TVs if necessary.

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Hugo Manos: Why has he been defending Laurent Ruquier lately?

Don’t blame Laurent Roquier, not Hugo Manos who would say otherwise. Present at the TPMP People group on June 11, Matthieu Delormeau criticized Hugo Manos’ companion’s latest program, We Live. While he claimed it was the program”The most boring in the worldAnd the young man immediately replied:You will explain why you find it boring too”fired, annoyed before adding:no but It’s a matter of perspective ! There are those who might not find it boring.”. Enough to silence the host who quickly pointed out that it was a joke.


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