Biden's temptation, Beijing Chronicle Games District

(ANSA) – ROME, Oct. 27 – China has expressed its dissatisfaction with the visit by a delegation of the European Union Parliament, headed by French MP Raphael Glucksmann, approved by Beijing in March, next week in Taiwan. “Not having any official exchanges in any form with the Taiwan authorities is an essential part of adhering to the ‘one China’ principle. The European Parliament is an official body in the European Union, and if it sends deputies to visit Taiwan, it seriously violates the EU’s commitment to the principle.” “One China” would harm China’s core interests and undermine the healthy development of China-EU relations. He wrote that the “One China” principle is “a universally recognized standard in international relations and has international consensus”, and is “the political basis for establishing diplomatic relations and developing bilateral relations between China and the European Union”. Chinese representation in Brussels in a memorandum. (Dealing).

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