'She's Going Crazy': Laurent Roquier Rejects Ariel Dembasel in We We Live (ZAPTV)

guest on a group of We are alive In France 2, on Saturday, May 28, 2022, Ariel Dombasel answered the question of the Cannes Film Festival lieutenant, which gave Laurent Roquier the opportunity to gently mock his guest.

We are not in bed Finished, Laurent Ruquier makes a fresh start with We are alive. This show leaves Thierry Ardisson skeptical about his duet with Leah Salameh. As he expressed himself in columns ParisianSaturday, May 28, 2022. “I told Laurent it’s impossible to be a couple. We’re embarrassed. That’s what happened‘, did an analysis. Thierry Ardisson was a bit critical of the hearings, so he made sure to add:Laurent Ruquier has held the fund since 2006. At one point, there was burnout. Especially since the previous concept was stronger with snipersHowever, the show has its share of regulars every Saturday night.

The closing ceremony of the Festival de Cannes requires, We are alive This week was scheduled much earlier than usual. But the number of guests was no less for all that, on set.

‘It’s less exciting’

Among them, Ariel Dombasel came to talk about her new project. The 69-year-old actress and singer is back in the media scene with Fever. This is the new song Excerpts from the album Iconic which will be released this fall. On a round table bend to ask her guests who hopped into the Cannes Film Festival, Ariel Dembasel had a small setback from her host. “Alexander BreuerDid you go there?The interested party replied, “No.” “Ariel, no more?” BHL’s wife replies: “no more. When you don’t have a movie, I find it less exciting at allconsidered.

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Laughing, Laurent Roquier said: “She says that because she was chosen at that time with opiumHe joked, referring to the feature film she directed in 2013, which starred Gregoire Cullen, Samuel Mercer and Nils Schneider. Finally, he concluded frankly: Well, in short, you’ll go crazy. A comment that caused the delight of the guests in the group.


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