The new generation begins to shine in CMLL. Son Soberano conquered Blue Legend Championship At Arena México, after a tough fight he defeated Atlantis Junior in the Grand Final.

In a special post for the World Wrestling Council, Soberano Jr. had one of the biggest surprises after his comeback after a serious injury.

‘Prince of the Lake’ was one of the most exciting battles as 16 heavy-caliber fighters competed, some of my favorite players like Blue Panther, Hechicero, Último Guerrero and Barbaro Cavernario.

After a tough battle, Soberano Jr. finally beat Gran Guerrero and Atlantis Jr. To win the historic title.

With this victory, Sovereign Jr. To the list of big winners, such as Blue Panther, Universe 200, Mr. Niebla and Atlantis.

Volador is still the son of the monarch

In the main event, Volador Jr. A successful new defense of his NWA Welterweight Historic World Championship against stunning ROH member TJP.

After an amazing showdown down to one fall, the Air Predator managed to account for Teddy James Perkins.

In the end, both were recognized as rivals, although Volador Jr. also demanded a scalpel duel.

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