The truth behind Canelo Alvarez's offer to buy Chivas
Saúl Álvarez has increased his income beyond boxing (Image: Instagram/@canelo)

In recent days there has been much talk of an alleged offer by Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez to buy the sacred flock.. According to rumors and sources close to the boxer and the club, the purchase offer was official and valued at $300 million.

Neither Alvarez nor Chivas’ board have spoken about it, but given the complex moment Rojibanco’s team is going through and the image of the Guadalajara mogul, it is considered by many to be plausible. However, An investigation into Alvarez’s assets indicates that he does not have the resources to acquire the most expensive club in Liga MX.

Canelo is known to be a big fan of the sacred flock. Not only for being from Guadalajara, but also for being his father’s favorite team. In many interviews, the boxer showed his love for the Rogblanco team and on more than one occasion he was seen living with important personalities of the organization privately or at promotional events.

This is one of the main reasons why many thought it would not be unreasonable to think that the boxer would be interested in saving Deportivo Guadalajara from a bad time. In recent seasons, Amauri Vergara has faced many troubling financial challenges.

Graham Bensinger and Saul "canillo" Alvarez during a tour of his home in Guadalajara (Image: YouTube / Graham Bensinger)
Graham Bensinger and Ciel “Canelo” Alvarez during a tour of his home in Guadalajara (Photo: YouTube / Graham Bensinger)

lvarez is one of the highest paid athletes in the world, after Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. His recent fights crossed $1 million and that’s not counting his knockout bonuses; His meetings with Gennady Golovkin I and Gennady Golovkin II amounted to $70 million and Last year, Forbes magazine estimated his fortune at $94 million.

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Although Vergara has stressed on more than one occasion that ‘Cheverío’ is not for sale, it is known that he is currently going through a financial crisis due to the pandemic and poor performance in the MX League that has earned him several millionaire debts. Since Jorge Vergara has been running the club, there has already been talk of supposed buyouts from Freddy Helvon and even Carlos Slim., but it seems that no deal has been completed.

Now “Canelo” is the new highest bidder and has been awarded a bid of US$300 million. This figure would be 11.5 million US dollars of what Forbes considered the total value of the herd in the list of the 50 richest football teams in the American continent in 2020. According to Forbes, the Chivas have a net worth of $311.5 million and are the most valuable team in Mexico, higher than Rayados, América and Santos Laguna..

(Screenshot/Instagram @chivas)
(Screenshot/Instagram @chivas)

All this would suggest that Alvarez is in a very comfortable position to make this kind of offer, but the truth is that he doesn’t have enough money to buy Chivas. Despite being one of the highest paid athletes and in 2018 he signed one of the most expensive contracts in history: 5 years of battles for $365 million, Celebrity Net Worth estimates his fortune at just $140 million, less than half of what the Holy Swarm is worth..

If Canelo really wanted to buy Chivas, he would have to raise a lot more money than he currently has, although despite his success, it wouldn’t take him long to double his fortune. As long as the herd does not become more expensive According to Jorge Vergara himself in an interview with ESPN, Chivas is really worth $800 million USD..

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