“AfD representatives contacted Assad and Moscow to deport Syrian immigrants.”  Berlin is considering imposing a ban on extremist Sellner

The arrival of the leader of… was not at the end of 2023 new right Born in Identity movement Austrians, Martin Sellnerto wake up in a slice of Alternatives to Germany The idea of ​​mass deportation immigrants. An international plan to restore Syrians In their country, members of the far right had already thought about this in 2018. To achieve this, as… ZDFHe made contact with the government Bashar al-Assad And with Russia.

The revelations on German television come during weeks of high tension in one week Germany The party sweeps the ballot boxes and more than 1.5 million people take to the streets Berlin To protest against Far right. According to what was published, in 2018 five representatives from Alternative for Germany party They wrote to Assad to ask for a meeting and to organize.”Organized returnOf Syrian immigrants, the same ones welcomed by the government Angela Merkel Three years ago with him Open door policy from Balkan route. The extremists' plan was to be carried out with the support of Russia.

Specifically, in the project of politicians, immigrants were to be brought to Russia “to train them in some way Professions “There will be a need for this in Syria.” In October 2018, he was then an MP Waldemar Hirt He also traveled to Moscow to speak with members Always And with representatives of the Syrian regime, they offer in return to establish a Russian-German organization to provide reports for Moscow on human rights in Syria. Crimea attached. In addition, cooperation was offered for Easing Western sanctions Against Syria and Russia.

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These are new discoveries that help define the strategies involved in at least part of the German far-right party, which today is flying in the opinion polls, at least since 2018. And therefore, not only in recent months, as a previous poll showed. Investigation by Corrective There was talk of a meeting on November 25, 2023 in a hotel not far from Back damSellner developed a plan for expulsion from Germany and deportation to an unspecified area North Africathus implementing the so-called “Re-immigrationThree categories of people: Asylum seekersimmigrants with Residence permit And “Unintegrated citizens“, that is, the second and third generations of Germans are considered unassimilated.

Sellner himself, after the investigation was published, came under the attention of the German authorities, who, according to what he said Tagesschauthey are thinking of imposing Entry blocked In Germany. The Austrian is not the only right-wing extremist under the scrutiny of the authorities. Tuesday only there Constitutional court German banned Public financing A small neo-Nazi group heir to the well-known National Democratic Party: a clause that some call for to also apply to the AfD. The ruling is related Heimat (Homeland), the name under it German National Democratic Party (NPD) which, despite reaching a peak of nostalgic support of 4.3% in 1969, was chosen in the last election by only 0.5% of voters.


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