According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States had good reason to include Xiaomi Corp. In the popular block list.

In mid-January, Xiaomi was blacklisted by the United States. This was one of the last steps taken by the Donald Trump administration before handing over power to the new president, Joe Biden. Shortly afterwards, Siomi announced that it had taken legal action to overturn the decision.

The United States believes that Xiaomi, like other companies on the same list, is one of them. Chinese Communist Military Institutions“In other words, they will maintain very close ties with the regime in Beijing. This decision.”Wrong and lost the organization of the proper process“It simply came to our notice then.

Named offender Lee Jun

According toThe Wall Street Journal, Lee Jun guilty. He is the CEO and founder of Siomi and received the “Best Entrepreneur of the Socialist Organization with Chinese Characteristics” award in 2019 from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Xiaomi’s prestigious award – presented to 100 Chinese executives that year – is discussed on Lee Jun’s biography page on the company’s website.

The award is said to be linked to Xiaomi’s ambitious plans to invest in advanced technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence, which is the reason the US Department of Defense puts Xiaomi on the list of companies supporting the Chinese military. This block restricts Americans from investing in Xiaomi Corp. This justification was made public during a trial between Siomi and the U.S. federal government before a Washington court. This is the first time the US Department of State’s rationale has been made public, and the management of this blockchain is generally very vague on the outside.

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Xiaomi has previously denied any involvement with the Chinese military, saying its products are dedicated to the general public and are designed for public use only. For now, the Chinese panel has not commented on these recent announcements. However, from 2019, it was Le Weiping, who was in charge of the Redmi brand, who was appointed chairman of the committee to replace Lee Jun.


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