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The Global Warming Some consider it an invention to control the production and development of mankind. From the bottom up there are many who do not believe in it (or do not want to believe it) and this attitude, along with everyday life made of public indifference, is the root of global warming. Thinking that there will be no consequences or that the consequences are temporarily away from us only exacerbates the effects of this forced climate change.

Humanity as a whole cannot assess the distance of the consequences of global warming, but the effects are visible to everyone and are present every day. in Canada hot record Recorded these days (+32 degrees compared to average) rewrite climatology studies (the science that studies climate) and are not without influences. In fact, 134 to 200 people have died in the past four days.

There are already those who talk about vaccine deaths covered in the pretext of heat or that of divine punishment, but the truth is that on this burning planet, we must all live. The clock that marks the point of no return for an irreversible climate catastrophe, then climate clock Installed in Manhattan in 2020: minus seven years, 102 days, 20 minutes, and 35 seconds. By 2030, with current environmental policies, the consequences of our procrastination could be Irreversible. Let’s see what the near-future scenarios are if we don’t have to reverse course and repair the damage done so far.

Global warming: a fact we cannot deny

Targets are set to address biodiversity loss and reduce human impact on the environment, but they are always planned in relation to the coming years, not as an immediate action to be taken at present. Fires, shipwrecks, hurricanes and high temperatures are just the initial symptoms of a diseased ecosystem that is showing itself today rather than in the distant future.

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According to experts, there is no debate: the consequences of climate change, due to global warming, we are already witnessing. So what are the possible scenarios that open up before us?

Heat waves and periods of severe drought

Let’s take a look at the climate in Canada where for four consecutive days the temperature was close to 50 degrees, 49.6 degrees to be exact. Effects can also be observed on our peninsula divided into two parts: in the north, storms destroy crops and in the south, temperatures from fires, well above the seasonal average (Syracuse reached 46 degrees).

Habitat destruction

Any other climatic influence affects the habitats of the species in which they live, including humans. Species at risk in 2021 are over a million. But this danger also affects man, in fact, at the moment when it is impossible to maintain the distance between species, as we have already noted in recent years, the number of epidemic phenomena will increase.

Ice melting and sea level rise

One of the worst consequences we can only imagine in the moviescoastal city floods. China, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines risk displacing more than 150 million people. Over time, by 2050, the number of coastlines targeted by sea level rise will be greater than ever before. Moreover, there are risks of coastal erosion and water salinization The availability of fresh water will decrease.

Floods, storm surges and cyclones

The increasing impact of floods and hurricanes on our lives must be a real thing to dread. Like an earthquake, they are events that can take on everything: home, car, work, things, life. In economic terms, they are serious damages and are difficult to solve if the number of similar phenomena continues to increase; From the point of view of human life, the damage is greater.

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Damage to food production and economic damage

If the cost in lives is not enough to convince even the most skeptical, then Consequences for production of all kinds It should raise everyone’s attention. As food production declines, due to drought, floods or the invasion of the area by species in search of habitat and food, we risk seeing the cost of primary commodities such as food and water increase a lot. The cost of natural disasters increases every year, for example, a statistic in the report talks about “the costs of doing nothing” 20 billion a year by 2030.

Record temperature in Canada and the rest of the world

Every year there are deaths in Italy due to rising and rising temperatures. In Canada the standard temperature that made 50 degrees A LeytonNear Vancouver, victims are already reaping. More than 150 people have died due to the high temperatures. On the streets, fountains and dispensers of fresh air and water have been installed to help people move around the city.

Not only is Canada struggling with global warming, but the United States is also facing many fires. President Joe BidenHe did not secretly criticize his predecessor, and declared: “Who would have thought we’d get over 46 degrees in Portland, Oregon? But don’t worry: global warming doesn’t exist: it’s just a figment of our imaginations“.

It is not time to act before climate change causes damage, because it is already causing damage. Now we are trying not to avoid harm, but to reduce it. “We risk being the last generation to do something شيءThe scientific writer says Adrian Fartad.

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