Apple Uruguay Ranking: Top 10 Most Listened Podcasts Today Friday January 21

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1. Diaries of a CEO with Stephen Bartlett

A few years ago, I was broke, dropped out of college, living in one of the worst parts of the country, alone, with nothing but a laptop and a dream. A few years later, she became the former CEO of one of the UK’s fastest growing companies at the age of 29. This company is called Social Chain. Extremely global, sometimes crazy, always challenging and always unpredictable. This podcast is simple, each week I will share with you insights from guests with different backgrounds, experiences, and learnings. I want to get a look at what it’s like behind the scenes, as an entrepreneur, and..

2. in perspective

Professional and independent journalism led by Emiliano Cotillo and Romina Andreoli. En Perspectiva is a news program with 35 years of history on air, today on Radiomundo 1170 AM and digital platforms.

3. Investor Club

An active community working for us all to be investors.

4. Financial Neurons: Personal Finance and Investments

Let’s talk about money, let’s talk about investing but from a personal finance perspective, where people are in the center and not the money. Podcast intended to help stop suffering from physical stress.

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5. Business books

Each episode summarizes a useful book for entrepreneurs or for those who want to become one someday. Books on business, marketing, sales, inspiration, motivation, education, personnel management, public speaking, financial management, relationships and networking. Podcast by Luis Ramos, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur and Personal Branding Expert. With over 40 million downloads, Books for Entrepreneurs is the world’s most listened to business podcast. We see

6. Find Your Vitamin Person, by Marian Rojas Estapé

Podcast where Marianne Rojas Estabe tells and explains specific issues in the mind, behavior or emotional world. Learn more about this in the new book “Find the one with your vitamin.” available now. Credits: Screenplay and Voice: Marian Rojas Estabe Production: Editing by Espasa Director: Sergio García Yanez Recording: Margot Martin Edition: Sunne de Nación Podcast

7. wilderness project

Every Tuesday and Thursday new episodes. Welcome to The Wild Project, Jordi Wilde’s podcast. News, sports, conversations with the most interesting guests, sciences, anecdotes, curiosities, discussions, philosophy, psychology, mystery, horror … and much more. Every week we speak clearly and fearlessly about the world around us. do not miss it!

8. Head Your Life Sharuka Podcast

Welcome to my podcast! I created this program to chat with you, to help you take the stones out of your backpack and give you the resources to be the boss of your life.

9. catching flowers

I like to talk about topics that aren’t talked about, that are taboo or we don’t have anyone to do that. It’s a space for them to listen to me and create company any time of the day. Maybe they are bullshit, serious stuff, reading about their problems, or just hanging out. New episodes every Friday.

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10. Past revenge

All programs “Revenge will be terrible” by Alejandro Dolina in MP3 format.

Do you already know what the platform is with Best podcast deal? Apple of course!

Now, he intends to make Uruguayan users know his most popular offer. Thus, they will be able to get an idea of ​​which ones suit their tastes best and recommend them to their friends.

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