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Avaya Engage 2021 has collected 6000 customers and channels around the world

During the annual meeting of Partners and clientsAnd Avaya Engage 2021The company talked about its future investments and the importance of it repetition model The scope of the work experience.

More than 6000 people from 40 countries joined Avaya Engage 2021 to hear the new Channel Program that the company will rely on to promote Work by repetition between partners, so that this type of sales has more value than traditional buying.

Jim Chirico, Avaya CEO, said the solutions the company is focusing on today are Avaya SpacesAnd CPaas (Call Platform as a Service) And all CC strategies and certifications in the cloud CCaaS (Call Center as a Service).

In 2020 sell subscriptions and recurring business rose from need Convert capital expenditures to operating expenses to remain employed.

40% of Avaya’s revenue comes from the subscription model and it’s up 175% over the previous year.

According to Chirico, this has been positive as a manufacturer, channel and Job offer They had to be different and innovative.

Giant steps in the cloud

The last year, Avaya closed one Alliance with Microsoft To take advantage of its expertise and locate it in the cloud.

However, Avaya will also increase its investments to strengthen its systems, and will have strategies geared towards clouds via single cloud, where you can integrate CPaaS and CCaaS and also compositing Hybrid solutions.

Said Simon Harrison, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing single cloud he is Experience platform And service centered around customers and employees.

Helps create innovative experiences on the parties; that by saying, Avaya Suggests practices, the client can adopt them and receive client feedback.

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Call centers: the main heroes of the epidemic

In 2021, dealing with banks, airlines, utilities and online retailers would prefer to contact the call center.

In this sense, Colombia ranked first in the world with phone support with 72% of interactions, followed by Argentina (62%) and Mexico (62%).



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