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(Boursier.com) – HRS The order of 5 new stations received 1000 kg / day from Hype, according to the strategic partnership signed in December 2021. These stations aim to integrate the Hype network open to all, of which the first series of 7 stations will be in service in Ile-de-France between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, starting with Issy-les-Moulineaux which will come into operation in October 2022.

In accordance with the strategic partnership established in December 2021, which provides for the order of 8 plants (6 with a capacity of 1000 kg / day and 2 with a capacity of 200 kg / day), HRS received a new order for 5 plants with a capacity of 1000 kg / day. To achieve Hype’s goal of having an operational network of 7 green hydrogen distribution stations by the end of 2022 – early 2023, these stations will initially have a capacity of 200 kg/day, then be replaced by 1000 kg/day stations, during 2023.

This new order follows the first two orders placed in April 2022, one of which is for the Issy-les-Moulineaux plant, whose first stone was laid on June 27 and will be commissioned in early October 2022.

These orders make it possible to secure the supply necessary for the implementation of the first phase of the Hype station network and correspond to the goals set by Hype, which provides for deployment in Ile-de-France by the end of 2024 through: 10,000 vehicles in taxi use, mostly hydrogen and integration of new uses ( utility vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses, trash cans, etc.), are provided through a network of at least 26 locally produced hydrogen refueling stations open to all, including 20 per 1,000 kg/day. In addition, Hype plans to establish itself by the end of 2024 in 15 other regions, in France and abroad, and the following regions will be announced during 2022.

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It should be noted that the agreement between Hype and HRS provides for an exclusive supply commitment with HRS, for the next 5200 kg/day plants that Hype will need in the course of its activity in France, and also provides for a commitment to negotiate, by the end of 2022, a joint exclusive framework agreement It aims to jointly deploy at least 50 HRS stations.

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