Pigs and wild boars are in danger.  Coldiretti Alarm

African swine fever is causing concern in Piedmont. The first case was registered in Ovada. This was first announced by Coldiretti Piedmont and then by the Regional Health Department, after examinations by the Zooprophylactic Institute of Umbria and Marsh, the national reference center for these types of diseases.

As stated by the Ministry of Health, African swine fever (Psa) is a viral disease of pigs and wild boars that is nevertheless transmitted to humans.

“We are very concerned – says Roberto Moncalvo, delegate of Confederate Coldiretti Cuneo – the immediate and urgent interventions, as well as the comprehensive checks on the murdered wild boars, which we have been asking for some time, should be carried out now and are not. Enough, in the face of such This serious and risky spectrum, examinations were conducted only on a random basis, exclusively for Trichinella.It is also necessary to deal definitively with the form of supply chain tracing and marketing of slaughtered wild boars.Another strong concern is the harm this situation can cause, which also becomes An instrument of economic speculation towards our lands, which risks unfairly hitting our farmers, who manage their farms according to bio-safety standards. We therefore demand the immediate implementation of all necessary measures to monitor and contain the situation as much as possible. Moreover, in order to defend our entrepreneurs, who are already affected severely affected by the crisis associated with the epidemic, if exploitation and speculation occurred, we would not hesitate to sue, claim damages and file a civil case against those who did not. She was able to properly deal with the problem of the breeding of wild boars and those who bear the responsibility of making it deteriorate.”

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“However, we cannot help but recognize – adds Fabiano Porco, Director of Coldiretti Cuneo – the importance of the experimental Zooprophylactic Institute in Piedmont, Liguria and the Aosta Valley, which has been available for several months on the workbench, as we place great confidence precisely in this health emergency. caused by wildlife.

There is a concern from the Regional Health Department: “Meetings are underway with the regionally competent veterinary departments, forest management authorities and with the environment and wildlife sectors. The National Epidemiological Emergency Plan also envisages the creation of crisis units at the local, regional and national levels in order to implement the stipulated actions. In the Operational Manual and specific rules about it.In the next few hours the ‘infected area’ and ‘control area’ will be identified, with relative prescriptions.We are acting with full speed, prompt and coordinated implementation of control measures in the wild suidae is essential in an effort to confine and eradicate the disease as much as possible. possible,” explains counselor Luigi Genesio Icardi.


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